09 September, 2009

My "Queen Mona"


"Queen Mona"

This is my newest painting inspired by the famous painting of the mysterious "Mona Lisa"... I love how this painting turned out, I've used random bits of paper and mixed media to create the background, the the other texures you see I've used anything from my lemon juicer, a strainer, and a fork to get the other background effects. Her crown is hand-stitched using metallic gold embroidery thread creating another dimension to the work. Size: 15"x15" x 2" deep, and the sides have been finished with distressed crinkled foil tape and mounted using rusted colored nails around canvas frame. This painting is for sale, and is available for purchase in my Etsy shop here:

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Lisa said...

Looks great! Bravo

jasmoon-butterfly said...

wonderful, I love her x

RowanDeVoe said...

I love her! I just love your style so much! So glad to see you back!
take care,