09 February, 2010

Blind Sketches

Here is a fun assignment that I did during the first week of Misty's online class... Blind sketches (if you've never tried these before I highly recommend it, its a lot of fun!)




Krissy said...

These are really good for someone with their eyes open let alone closed!

Lady Kina said...

These are amazing! You should do a whole collection of them and have them framed and shown in some fine place. I actually noticed that you keep your pen on the page untill you are finished... no ends to your lines! Interesting....
I was at a Pleasure Party not too long ago and one game we played was to put a blank page atop our heads and use a pencil to draw male genitalia (blindly!) and I did the best! I won the prize and actually shocked myself! So I guess the blind art abilities run in the family... lol
Love you sis.