01 October, 2010

I ♥ treasuries!

It seems like only a few days ago that I discovered the world of Etsy treasuries, and I am now hooked! If only it didn't take me so long to put them together myself, I'd probably be doing one a day. It's a fancy way of creating a pretty "wish list" for you and everyone else to see (too bad my husband doesn't use Etsy...hint, hint)... god knows I have several "wish lists"! :)

We are finally getting settled into our new home, I've unpacked the last of the boxes inside, and now I'm ready to start unpacking my studio...which of course, was the majority of boxes that we hauled...MY boxes, full of artsy things. My husband made sure to make a point of it during this move that a big percentage of the boxes that he was moving back and forth were "my" things... I don't think he'll ever understand how an artist thinks when it comes to collecting things that will definitely be needed for a project at some point in the very near future :) Like, for example, a box of 100 Italian made clay tiles- perfect for making coasters with my prints mounted on top, or perhaps mini canvases for paintings to be made... but of course, I haven't gotten around to that project yet, and since this is the third move they have journeyed with us he refuses to carry that box of tiles anymore! :)

We still haven't gotten our internet and phone hooked up at our new home yet- which makes me feel super disconnected from the world, considering I do most of my work online, and since none of my family even live in the same country, I'm very dependent on the wonderful invention of Skype, which I use almost daily!

I was happy to see that my lack of internet-connection didn't stop a few Etsy members from featuring some of my work in their treasuries, so a big thank you to these wonderful crafters : my dear friend Louise, a book-maker from bibliographica who featured my print "Free Spirits" in her dance-inspired treasury that makes me want to kick up my heels...thank you Lou!

The Wild Plum has some delicious vintage items for sale on Etsy and has featured my "Mother Earth" print in this treasury along with some beautiful creations...

...as well as my original painting "Drowning Sorrows", a portrait of Frida Kahlo in this gorgeous collection of treasures... this treasury reminds me of a brisk, frosty morning - I love it! Thank you to The Wild Plum!

That is all for now... I am getting hungry, and thanks to daylight savings it means I've been having late dinners the last few nights. Ugh. I guess I need to start waking up earlier!
Have a goodnight...


Rusted Wings said...

congrats on being featured in so many treasuries shariyah!! you are loved by many, esp. me...
xo mama

SoCalWendie said...

I hear you on all the supplies for art projects that are yet to be. Stay strong sister! lol Also I must say that after long last I finally have begun to organize my pieces to be placed on Esty so I'll be sure to update you when that happens. Have a great day :)