06 January, 2009

A new peice of work added to my collection...

I finally have been able to do some painting! I always feel a bit empty when days go by when I do no creating whatsoever, so I had lots of fun doing this latest piece! I've been doing more with mixed medias lately, and I just love it. It adds a whole other dimension and feeling to the finished work. I've just added this one to my Etsy shop!


"Mother Shelter"


Patti said...

This is lovely. I adore your work.
How long does it take you to do something like this? Your work is amazing.

Yiyah said...

Thank you Patti,

This painting probably took me a good 4-5 hours, but I tend to work on a variety of "projects" at the same time... Thank you for your encouraging words, it makes me happy to know that my work is appreciated :)

Peace & Love


Brandy said...

Your work is amazing and you are very talented. I love the mixed media techniques you used on this piece.