26 August, 2009

After months of being an in-active blogger...

...I am back! My apologies to the many people whom I've received emails from over the last few months- I promise to reply to each one of you... but in the meantime, I will give you a little update on what I have been up to!

First of all, since my last post I became engaged to my fiance Cameron... and as of July 26, 2009 I am now a married woman! You can imagine how busy I have been, trying to plan our Santa Barbara wedding from New Zealand...and in such a short period of time, it definitely was an experience! Thanks to the help of my loving mother, and her sisters Dolly, Lori, and Kim who spent hours upon hours tediously working to put together all the details of my wedding, we were able to pull it off! We would have had a "courthouse" wedding if it weren't for them :-)

Our wedding was everything I ever dreamed of (and more!) and I am SO loving married life! (no one ever told me it would be this sweet!)

Here are some photos of our magical day... a very special thanks to our incredibly amazing and artistic photographer Joy Marie! You can see more of her beautiful work at www.joymarieblog.com













Anonymous said...

Very cool! Congrats to the both of you! enjoy and good luck with more of your designs :)

kathy mc said...

You are one beautiful bride. I am sure your mother was very proud. Gorgeous wedding shot's. I hope you have endless moments of joy and the 2 of you drive into all that life has to offer.

Sherry Goodloe said...

What a gorgeous wedding dress!

I hope you and your husband will share many happy years together.

SoCalWendie said...

Beautiful shots my dear, glad you are back and enjoying married life. I saw your Frida painting and it made me think, I did one of her also as a rag doll (that's kinda my thing) I may post it soon. :)

Angela Recada said...

Congratulations! What a gorgeous wedding, dress, and bride and groom. The photos are stunning!

I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Rusted Wings said...

so glad you'r back to posting...but you have good reason for the long break! lOvE all the pics that tells the beautiful story..you were such a beautiful bride and are now a beaming newlywed! you and Cameron are blessed, and so am i to be your mama!!

Linda said...

Congratulations! You were a beautiful bride and all your photos are wonnn-der-ful.

My daughter had a destination wedding so I know how hard it can be. That you look to calm in the pictures is amazing.

Joanne Huffman said...

Congratulations and best wishes to both of you. You are a beautiful bride! What a wonderful start to your life together!The photos are treasures.

RowanDeVoe said...

CONGRATS! how wonderful! these photographs are just amazing and i just love how happy you all look. you look just gorgeous! wishing you both a long and happy future together! happy, happy!

p.s. what a gorgeous gown! you are radiant!

Krissy said...

These are beautiful shots! Looks like it was a wonderful celebration!

Veronica said...

Stunning wedding photos! great dress :)