06 April, 2010

For Sale on EBAY now!!!

I forgot to mention... I have recently added quite a few original paintings, as well as art blocks in my ebay store. You can either search under username: yiyahstore or click on the following link to view/bid on auctions.

Original painting: "Saint Anysia"

Original painting: "The Boy"

I have many more items listed on ebay, so please feel free to go check it out for yourself (my computer is being far too slow to upload all the items onto my blog...sorry!)


Diane said...

Shariyah--you are so talented!! And I also wanted to tell you that Bob is my "grandson". He's 4 but he still gets into trouble just like a puppy. I love French Bulldogs--you're Cash is a cutie! If he's anything like Bob, which I'm sure he is, they like alot of love!!

SoCalWendie said...

Awesome as usual. Congrats on your new bundle of joy! LOVE his ears