07 August, 2010

It's good to be home...

Just thought I'd share some photos from our trip so far...it is so good to be back in the USA! I always forget how much I actually miss it here. After a 12 hr flight (in a very un-comfy seat) we landed in LA...amazing how you can go from winter to summer within a day! We immediately hit the road and spent the next 8 hours driving to Utah where we spent a couple of days... my dad took us up to Kolab (one of my favorite places to visit!) the views are absolutely breathtaking. The rich red colors of the sandstone, the deep blue sky with huge thunderhead clouds hovering over us, the smell of sage in the air...everything about the desert there feels so comforting to me.Here are some of the pictures I took during our drive up the mountains...









During our visit, my dad and I did a collaboration and created this painting together that he has titled "Santa Fe Dreams"... we had so much fun working on this together! I hadn't done any painting for months which is way too long for me- for whatever reason I just wasn't feeling my creative self, but at the same time itching to put some paint on a canvas or create something...this finally gave me the nudge I needed and I am so inspired to start painting again...
My dad has had the vision for this piece for some time... he really loves Southwestern art, as do I, so this was a fun difference to my usual darker colors I stick to in my work. Believe it or not, my dad hasn't done a painting in years, but you wouldn't have been able to tell- I guess it goes to show an Artist never looses it!


santa fe dreams 2
"Sante Fe Dreams"


Louise said...

Wonderful to see pics of you and your Pa, and of the gorgeous U S of A!! Wish I could take a trip in the summer... Lovely warming images S. xx

Kathy L said...

HOw inspirational Santa Fe Dreams is. I too have been inspired by art of the southwest. I spent many summers there for years actually, visiting my in laws and every so often a collage emerges. I can't shake the vistas from my memories!

lori diane said...

WoW! Those pictures of the desert are just amazing! The colors are unreal! So glad you're having a great time in the U.S. The painting you created with your dad was so beautiful! I didn't know he was an artist too! You got a double whammy of genes...no wonder you're so good!

Kiki said...

What a beautifu post..it is lovely to meet you and explore your talent..I love your work and the spirit here..magical and wonderful! Shine on!

Enchanting the Invisible

Gloria said...

Hi, I love those photos. Beautiful scenery. I also love that you are painting with your Dad. How wonderful to share souls together that way. Very nice. Thanks for sharing and glad to meet you through the Great Artsy Peoples blog hop. Take care.

spirocreations said...

glad to hear your having a great time...thanks for the beautiful photos! Let me know when you are back in NZ so we can get together for dinner:)