25 July, 2010

I was featured on Etsy!

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find an email from my friend Louise at bibliographica letting me know that I was featured on Etsy! Of course, I missed the big debut, but it was still nice to know that I was featured once upon a time... :-) Thanks Louise!


I visited a local market Kraftbomb this afternoon and had a lovely catch up with my friend Barb who makes beautiful things out of the most soft and supple leather... I could add every one of her pieces to my 'wish list', I just can't get enough! You can visit her blog here to see some of her beautiful work. Just to give you a little taste, feast your eyes on her creations below!

Well, I'm off to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with my hubby... Ciao!


lori diane said...

Congratulations for being featured on Etsy Shariyah!!! And all of the leather pieces are just fabulous! I love the lace up shoes and the higher boots the most...oh and the belt! You can just feel the softness! I love that I can just click on your button on my blog to visit yours!

Rusted Wings said...

congrats on the featured piece on etsy shariayh!!
love the leather work, which reminds me so muchof the way i used to make moccasins!
love & miss you!!

spirocreations said...

Hey beautiful lady! Big congrats for being featured on Etsy! Thank you also for featuring us here...it is really appreciated. I hope you have an amazing time at home...thank you for being so thoughtful:)