22 September, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama ♥

Today is my sweet Mama's birthday... I am so extremely blessed in that I was born to such an incredible woman, I have never taken this for granted.

One memory that I remember as if it were yesterday is coming downstairs first thing on many a cold and frosty morning, the sun still not risen in the sky, frost lining the windows and the wood floors still ice-cold from the night before, but the fire would be crackling in our living room, and there in the corner under the lamp would be Mama, in the rocking chair with a big wooley blanket draped over her lap having her daily bible reading before starting the day. I'm sure many days, that is what got her through the tasks, trials and daily stresses that was a regular occurrence. She has always to this day been such a rock, and has set such an amazing example of what a Mothers faith is - and I admire her so much for this! In my lifetime, I have felt nothing but unconditional love from my mother, and I hope that I can show the amount of love to my future children as she has for me and my five sisters.


So this day, I want to give a special thanks to my Mama - for all the selfless love that she has given daily to her family, and for being such an example of what FAITH is. I pray that this new year ahead is one of much LOVE, peace and HAPPINESS.
I love you Mama ♥ Happy Birthday!



Louise said...

Happy Birthday to Shariyah's Mama! ;D What a gorgeous post, and a beautiful family. xxxx

Rusted Wings said...

wow Shariyah...this post is so beautiful, and brings tears to my eyes, and blesses my soul to the depths. you are such an amazing and thoughtful, loving daughter and woman. i am so blessed and so gifted by God to have YOU as my child, and to feel your constant support and encouragement, and unconditional love.
Thank you SO much for this lovely tribute.
with all my love,

lori diane said...

That brought tears to my eyes too, Shariyah. You are such a sweet angel of a daughter to your mama (my sister) and to everyone for that matter.