23 September, 2010

I ♥ beautiful music videos

Last week during an art and craft market, a woman came wandered up to my stall, and after spending quite some time studying my work, began talking about music and telling me of groups that she thought I would be inspired by and ended up writing down a list of bands I'd never heard of for me to check out. I love finding new music/bands, its like a discovering an unwrapped present still hiding under the tree- it was there the whole time, but you just hadn't found it till now! I already shared one of the music videos a couple days ago that she had told me about, but when she was describing this group "Dirty Projectors" and the music video that I'm about to share- I knew it would be good. I didn't mention to this woman about my childhood- growing up around plain people (in an Amish community), or that most of my family live in the mountains of Montana (Whitefish to be exact)... but this video SO reminds me of both. The costumes worn by this group are AWESOMELY different than what you would see now days, so similar to the attire worn by the Amish... and I swear this whole video could have been filmed IN Whitefish Montana...It is gorgeous! And tho it took me a minute or two to get used to the very different sound of this band, it is refreshing to hear something so unlike the "Top 40" playlist that nauseatingly plays on repeat throughout the day. So I just thought I would share this with you... please be patient and watch the whole thing- it's such an artistically different video!

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lori diane said...

really cool video and song...love the guitar players long coat. thanks for sharing!!!