16 September, 2010

"A Royal Flush" (my first treasury ever!)

I just put together my very first treasury on etsy... woo-hoo! Funny that I never knew it was something anyone could do, I thought only the big etsy "treasury-makers" were allowed to make them, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could too! Only fitting that I included some of my friends in my treasury... you will find my own Mama's print "Queen of Hearts" (a print from her original painting) for sale in her Etsy store Rusted Wings Gallery, my friend Barb's beautiful hand made leather lace-up ballet high tops which are for sale in her store Spirocreations, and last but definitely not least- my good friend Louise's luscious hand made leather journal "Mahogany Dreams" which you can find in her shop Bibliographica...and those are just a sneek peek of more GORGEOUS hand made creations by these fabulous artists. But don't take my word for it- see for yourself!


Louise said...

Shariyah you honey! Thank you for saying such beautiful uplifting things about my journal. I feel so happy after seeing this! ;D I have put a link to the Treasury on my Etsy Profile Page. :) I'm eyeing you for my next treasury.... xx

Rusted Wings said...

what a sweet thing it is to be included in your lovely treasury with my queen of hearts print! these wonderful creations are all fit for a queen, which you are<3 my honey child!!
xo mama