14 September, 2010

what's new in my etsy shop...

I've recently updated my Etsy shop, after neglecting it for quite some time. You will find new art blocks, jewelry, and quite a few original paintings for sale as well. Here are my newest originals now added to my shop:
"The King's Daughter"
Original Mixed-Media Painting on Wood

"Saint Frida"
An Original Retablo. Painting on Clay

Original Painting on Canvas
Hope you enjoy these newest additions to my Etsy store, and thank you for visiting my blog!


Kiki said...

Gorgeous..I love your work..and your blog..you are a true creatrix in all you do..your art is full of beauty and spirit and it is always fun to check and see what you are up to!
have a sparkling day!

Louise said...

Wonderful Shariyah! I love the crackly look of the last one, it's so beautiful, I want to touch it! Good luck with selling your beautiful work. Your store looks fantastic! :D

Tammie said...

Hi Shariyah,

so lovely to see what you have been making. I will stop by your store too and see the beauty of your art!
Your mom came by the farmer's market tonight to visit and help me pack up, she is so thoughtful!
sending love,