02 March, 2010

busy, busy, busy!

Since my last post I have been rushing to get my guest house re-painted (really re-modeled!) and turn it into my art studio...finally, this week I finished! After hours and hours of filling holes, gaps, killing hundreds of spiders (sorry!) I am finally moved in. It's so nice to have my own space to paint, and I know my husband appreciates the fact that my work space is no longer the kitchen bench.

Yesterday I started on the first of a series of paintings for an exhibition at Soul Gallery that is from the 7th of May. I have been procrastinating (SO unlike me) and I finally just made myself start. That is always the hardest part. Once I get started, there's no stopping me. That is... unless I am absolutely disgusted with my work... which is what has happened now. For some reason, there is nothing about this painting I like... I liked it to start out with- the background had so many layers of paint and edges, but so far the more I put paint on it the less I like it, and I am so close to the point of painting over it and starting over... Anyways, I will post my progress on this specific piece, and if anyone has some critique for me that would be greatly appreciated! I will keep posting my progress as I finish this one (hopefully!) so I can start on the many new blank canvases waiting for me...





Beadwright said...

Very nice!!! She looks so sad and yet content. If that is possible.


Healing Woman said...

You know, I think your work is absolutely fabulous. Don't underestimate anything you are doing. Faces are my thing too. The ones you are creating are dimensionless..haunting. I love them. Keep going!


SoCalWendie said...

You sound like me, if there is something I am working on that I do not like, it kinda sours my mood and I have to work on something else or I will just stare at what I do not like and brood lol

JUNE said...

I just don't have words anymore for how much your work truly touches my heart...this is simply perfect! lot's of luv to you, juner

JUNE said...

okay, I hadn't even read your words regarding this piece before telling you how much I love it...just bring her left side into balance with her right...she is magnificent...the pearls make it for me...don't quit...and for god's sake do not paint over this...if your that unhappy, send it my way...ha ha...luv, juner