08 March, 2010

What a busy little week of markets...

Another busy week has past! I spent most of this week busying myself making things for the three markets I attended this week: First Thursdays, Ostend Market, and Devonport Craft Market (see "Upcoming Events" on my side bar to see upcoming Markets that I will attend)

Here are a few of the items you can find at my market stall, which are also available in my online store:


Recycled Bottle-Cap Earrings "Tabitha"


Antique Wooden Domino Brooch "Girlfriends"


Fine Art Paper Weight "Viva La Frida!"


Art Block "Friends"


Me and the Devonport Craft Market

Now I'm off to get back to work on my series of paintings for my May exhibit at Soul Gallery! I will keep posting new works as I go... :)


vesna said...

beautiful work!

Buffy said...

Wow you were busy,I love all your stuff.I hope you did well and had fun.

SoCalWendie said...

You look so cute sitting there with all your fine work. I love the cowboy hat and the painting that is directly in front of you of the gal looking over her shoulder. Is that you? It's beautiful :)

Kathy L said...

love that picture of you! You display is lovely!

moi said...

Beautiful work!
Please let me know if you've recieved my necklace.

Hugs, moi