12 July, 2010

a little eye candy for you...

So, not to make this another excuse why I haven't been doing anything creative lately, but I've been flat out sick for the last 4 days... I thought it was food-poisoning at first, but last time I checked that doesn't last this long so now I'm blaming it on the fact it's bone-chilling cold here (it's New Zealand, and it's wintertime here.)
For some reason, I've found that kiwi's prefer to freeze rather than be comfortable...in other words, the houses here are not built with luxury, comfort, or warmth in mind... now I may be generalizing I know, so let me just say that all I've felt like doing lately is cuddling up on my couch underneath a big fuzzy blanket with the heater cranked on high. Not for my sake alone, but my poor little dog Cash has been shivering so much lately I think he's developed a permanent body twitch!
Anyways, enough of my wining (or whinging as they say here) because I don't have any new art to post, I thought I'd share some treasures that I happened upon while "window-shopping" online... it's something I've found therapeutic lately.
These go along well with my mood lately...
Feast your eyes upon these beautiful works of art!

"Untitled" (Fallow Deer) Sculpture by Artist Kate Clark

"Frida Saint" by Artist Alisa

"Conquered" by Artist Brettisagirl
(I absolutely LOVE her work...it speaks to me!)


"Birds-Eye View"
I just discovered this Etsy store Studiobeerhorst today and was AMAZED. The works featured in this store range from different medias such as paintings, wood cut prints, textile arts and soft sculptures...the creators: a family of eight living in Grand Rapids Michigan who support themselves entirely by the art they make and sell...and the work is just incredible! So much so, that I will share a couple more of my favorites...

"Braided Vision"
"Self Portrait with Pincushion" painted on Wood Panel.
(I have to share the description of this painting which I found so touching)
"The pin cushion came to symbolize my heart in this painting. A heart made tender by suffering. Also the implements of mending refer to my desire to be healed as we as to be a person who brings healing and mending to the broken world around me."
"Saint Francis"
(I have added Learning to make Woodcuts to my creative "To-Do" list...they have such a simple yet rich quality about them that I love)
for more of this family's beautiful work please visit their blog!

"Trust" painting by Deann

"Redwing Blackbird" by Artist Jen Otey

Well that concludes my "treasury" for the day... definitely inspiring, and really makes me feel even worse for not creating anything myself lately! Tomorrow is a new day...who knows what it may bring :)
Goodnight to you, and many colorful dreams tonight.


Beadwright said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the art and the music. Thanks so much

Shariyah said...

Thank you Nicole, I'm glad you enjoyed it ♥

SoCalWendie said...

Hoope you are feeling better sweetie! Sending you warm California summer thoughts!

Rusted Wings said...

loved finding these new artists...and LoVe the painting of the girl with the bird...she reminds me so much of you as a young girl!! i would so love to do lino cuts too...and love the one of st. francis. hope you are feeling better honey...keep trying to contact you!! missing you!!
xo mama

lori diane said...

Love all of your artists you showcased! I am actually going to come back when I have more time and reeaallly look at them closer and check out their links. They are all so different--I love them! I love your music too...actually turned it up as I read your post. And LOVE the new blog button, and added it to my blog! love you!!!