04 July, 2010

Mollies World of Dreams

I'm finally getting around to posting photos from the exclusive event which took place on the 1st May (I know I'm really slack!) at Auckland’s Relais & Chateaux hotel located in St. Mary's Bay New Zealand. The event was held to raise money for Auckland City Mission and I was given the wonderful opportunity, along with 5 other New Zealand designers, of transforming one of six different suites based on the concept "A World We Dream to Live in". I teamed up with my friend Nicole who is studying interior design, and together we chose the theme "The Boudoir Lounge" for our room. The evening turned out to be a huge success, with a turnout of over 400 guests and a night filled with opera, fashion, drinks, and fun...Here are a few photos from the night.
Some of the beautiful models from Mollies fashion show...

Me getting my hair and make-up done before the event (which took way too long for my liking!)

Left-Right: Sylvia and Carolyn (these girls did an amazing job as our models for the night!), Nicole Munro and me

MOLLIES (173 of 182)
My handsome hubby and I... (isn't he just beautiful!)

Us again, getting a little tired by 3am...

I love this picture, tho a bit out of focus it looks like it's from a dream or something...

At one point during the evening I did some live painting in our lounge... the combination of the 1920's decor, and jazz/french music made for the perfect ambiance! (Yes, I know this photo is very blurry, but I think my girlfriend had had quite a few drinks by then!)

The painting, stage two

And the finished piece I've titled "Sister Shelter"

MOLLIES (175 of 182)
Sylvia and Carolyn again... what gorgeous girls!

MOLLIES (127 of 182)
A couple of the models from the fashion show

Nicole and I and our generous sponsor Martin from "The Look"

Well, those are all the photos I have to share for now... I hope you've enjoyed them! I will plan on posting more when I can. And if you do ever happen to visit Auckland New Zealand, I HIGHLY recommend visiting Mollies Hotel for an unforgettable experience!


Diane said...

Love these photos!

Maija said...

You and your hubby are both exquisite!!!

lori diane said...

Loved your post! Amazing that you can create such a beautiful painting while people at the party are watching you! It looks like it was such a great event and so much fun!