16 May, 2011

50% OFF EVERYTHING IN MY SHOP!!! The most ginormous sale ever.

Okay, pretty big news here... with all the new changes that I have been working on over my blog, website and etsy store, I have decided to offer a humungous sale THIS MONTH ONLY to kind of help me move along all my current stock and make room for the new! So here it is...
50% OFF EVERYTHING (yes, you heard right!) Please, please, PLEASE take advantage of this deal while you can, because once this stock sells out, that's it!
Here's how it works.
#1. Once you've added items to your cart, your screen should look like this:

here you can select your country for shipping, and then you'll see just below where you have the option of entering in your special discount code. Type in your code "mothersday" and click "Apply" button.

Wa-la! It will then apply your savings of 50% off your order!! Now just continue on to paypal to complete your purchase and you're done!
Hope this makes it a bit easier for you...please feel free to visit my shop and have a look and I hope you enjoy my special offer!

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